Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission


  Abstracts must be submitted to deaic2016@nau.edu.cn using the template provided here.. Authors are welcomed to submit full papers to be included in the conference handouts to encourage discussions among conference participants. 

The important dates of the conference are as follows:

April 30, 2016  Deadline for abstract submission

(The abstract submission has been closed. The conference is in the process of scheduling the sessions. If you want to present your research and wish to submit an abstract, please contact the conference first.)

June 2,  2016  Deadline for Registration
June 25, 2016   Deadline for full paper submission (optional)

Abstracts must be submitted to deaic2016@nau.edu.cn using the template provided.


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    本次会议是一次双语型的国际会议, 为了让国内外学者在会议现场进行充分的学术交流,会议中英文投稿均可。但是需要提醒作者的是,若要在会议现场进行全中文的演讲和讨论,请在投摘要时运用中文进行投稿;若要在会议现场进行全英文的演讲和讨论,请在投摘要时运用英文进行投稿。